B.C.A C++ 2019 UTU EXAM Question Papers Download

B.C.A C++ 2019/2020 UTU EXAM Question Papers Download we are provided by Question paper of PROGRAMMING IN C++ 2019/2020. conducted by professional courses. like B.C.A, B.Sc.(IT), B.Tech, B.Com, B.Ed, etc. Here you are collected the Question Papers, syllabus,Exam patterns etc. Check out of your results answer and solution. Here we are provided by Previous year question paper of B.C.A SECOND SEMESTER Examination of  Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) . subject is PROGRAMMING IN C++ 2019/2020

B.C.A Last year Paper of C++ 2019/2020 UTU EXAM 
Time Duration: 3 Hrs.                                                                           Total Marks: 70

Instruction: Attempt any Five Questions. All question carry equal marks.

1 (a). What are the elements of object oriented Programming?

   (b). What is inheritance? What are the base and derived classes? Give a suitable                  example of inheritance.

2 (a). What are the differences between static binding and late binding? Explain

          dynamic binding with a suitable example.

   (b). What are variables? List C++ rules for variables naming.

3 (a). What are objects? Describe the syntax for defining objects with example.

   (b). What are constructors and destructors? Explain how they differ from

          normal functions.

4 (a). What is operator overloading? Explain the importance of operator


   (b). Why is the friend function not allowed to access members of a class directly

          although its body can appear within the class body

5 (a). What are different forms of inheritance supported by C++? Explain them

          with example

   (b). What is visibility mode? What are the different inheritance visibility modes

          supported by C++?

6 (a). Justify the need of virtual function in C++.

   (b). What are streams? Explain the features of C++ stream I/O with C’s I/O


7 (a). What are virtual destructors? How do they differ from normal destructors?

          Can constructor be declared as virtual constructors?

   (b). Write an interactive programming in C++. For swapping integers.

8        Write short notes on following:

Data Abstraction
This pointer
Inline functions
Direct and Indirect base class

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