Comparative Exam Computer Awareness -IBPS / SBI /RRB/SSC/Railway/Defence

Comparative Exam Computer Awareness -IBPS /SBI /RRB /SSC / Railway / Deference  : The basics of computer networks-IBPS SBI RRB Computer consciousness: The basic computer is an important topic for the upcoming IBPS exam and also in relation to another bank exams. These basic principles of computer help to stimulate the knowledge of computers and also help to crack this computer knowledge share in the coming exam. Dear friends! We provide you with the definition and also the brief description of all parts, as well as a software related to the computers. All the best, for the preparation of the exam, we successfully help friends hope to clear the basic concept. Through the points so that you each just click on the exam.

Duplex channel:

    It is a communicating channel that will allow the messages to flow both directions.
    It is a two-way communication channel.


    It is a device, which will directs the message through the different network by different protocols.


    It does not interface with the different protocols.
    It will detect the next node or point which will directs the message from the source to the destination.


    It allocates the traffic along the network path.
    If the congestion of the network is more then the protocols detects the less traffic path and transfer the network path to the other networks.


    It is device which will amplify the digital broken signal or regenerate the signal from one network to the other network.


    It will connects many different networks on the local are network or the wide area network on the first data link layer platform.

Communication protocols

    Different communication protocols are :

ü  Transmission control protocol: It is a service protocol, which will act at the intermediate level between an application program and the internet protocol.

ü  Internet control message protocol: It helps the network devices, which will send the error messages to the sender or receiver.

ü  User datagram protocol: it is a communication protocol, which will provide the limited amount of service when messages are exchanged between different networks.

ü  File transfer protocol: This protocol will transfer the files over the different networks from one host to the another host.


    It is a transmission technology that allow addressing a packets to all the destination through a single node.
    It is generally done by local area networks.

Network Topology

It is an arrangements of the computers over a network. Different kinds of topology are:

    Bus topology: it is a topology, which is connected to a single cable and forms a network. It is cheapest network topology.
    Ring topology: In this topology, the devices are connected to a single cable but the ends are connected to each other and forms a circle. The main advantages of this topology is that it can over to the larger distance compared to the other network topology.

    Star topology: There is a central device, which acts as a hub and is known as a star topology. It is mostly used in local area network.

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