Competitive Exam Current Affairs for UPSC ,State PSC , SSC Exams

Competitive Exam Current Affairs for UPSC ,State PSC , SSC Exams
1. Answer the following on not more than 50 words
(i) Cargo Rocket Antares
(ii) Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
(iii) Festival of India in Japan
(iv) Border Haat 
(v) Hudhud
(vi) Treason Act of 1351
(vii) GSLV Mark-III
(viii) IRNSS-1C
(ix) Bio-cremations
(x) Syntheism
2. Critically analyse the visit of President of Vietnam to India and briefly discuss the bilateral relationship between India and Vietnam from the perspective of India’s relation with China.
3. “It has often been observed that Nobel Peace Prize has largely been politically driven and reflects the geo-strategic issues of the present day.” Examine the viewpoint taking into account 2017/2018 Nobel Peace Prize.
4. Write on the following in not more than 200 words
(i) Saansad Adarsh Yojna and Gram Swaraj.
(ii) National Mental Health Policy and Mental Health status in India.
(iii) Supreme Court’s view on Lokpal Selection Panel and the Union Government’s response.
(iv) Briefly bring out the Constitutional perspective involved in Government formation in Delhi.
(v) Critically analyse the new counter-Naxal doctrine.
5. Write on following in not more than 200 words
(i) Growing threat of ISIS and world leader’s response. Examine
(ii) 13 agreements signed between India and Norway
(iii) Emergency rule in Burkina Faso
(iv) UN draft resolution on Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and India’s stand
(v) Working mechanism on border between India and China. Will it be able to solve the long standing border issue between India and China?
6. “It will take another 81 years for the world to achieve gender equality.” Analyse the statement taking into account 2017/2018 Global Gender Gap Report. Also bring out the status of India in achieving gender equality.
7. India recently signed 8000 crore rupees defence deal with Israel becoming the largest importer of arms in the world. Do you think importing of arms will help India overcome the security and strategic calculus in the region? Compare your viewpoint vis-à-vis domestic production of arms in India.
8. Write on following in not more than 50 words.
(i) Kailash Satyarthi
(ii) Arvind Subramanium
(iii) Patrick Modiano
(iv) Masayashi Son
(v) Jawhar Sircar
(vi) Manjul Bhargava
(vii) A CN Nambiar
(viii) Ashwika Kapur
(ix) Anita M Singh
(x) Jean Tirole
9. Write on the following in not more than 200 words.
(i) National Air Quality Index
(ii) Ocean Health Index
(iii) Minamata Convention on Mercury
(iv) New York declaration on Forests
(v) Aral Sea and its present status
10. Union government recently de-regulated diesel price and linked it to the market. Critically analyse how this move will help solve the problem of over-subsidisation in India and consequently the problem of fiscal deficit.

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