General Awareness / General Knowledge Facts about the Earth

General Awareness / General Knowledge Facts about the Earth Facts about the Earth.

General Awareness / General Knowledge Facts about the Earth Facts about the Earth.

Estimated age: 4600 million years
Mean distance to the Sun: 14,95,03,923 kilometer
Mean distance to the Moon: 3,81,597.5 kilometer
Equatorial diameter: 12,756.8 kilometer
Polar diameter: 12,713.8 kilometer
Mean diameter: 12,735.3 kilometer
Equatorial circumference: 40,075 kilometer
Mass: 5,97,40,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000 tonnes
Period of revolution: 365 days 4 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds
Speed of revolution: 1,07,160 kilometer per hour
Period of rotation: 23 hours, 56 minutes
Speed of rotation: 1610 kilometer per hour
Total area: 51,00,66,00 square kilometer
Land area: 14,84,29,000 square kilometer (29.1%)
Water area: 36,16,37,000 square kilometer (70.9%)
Volume: 10,83,230 X 1000000 cubic kilometer 

Top Ten Earth’s Extreme facts

Hottest Place: Dalol, Danaki Depression, Ethiopia, Annual average temperature 34.4 C
Coldest Place: Plateau Station, Antarctica, Annual average temperature -56.7 C
Wettest Place: Mawsynram, India, Asia, Annual average rainfall 1143 centimeters
Driest Place: Atacama Desert, Chile, Rainfall barely measurable
Highest Waterfall: Angel, Venezuala, 979 meters
Largest Gorge: Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona, USA, 466 kilometers long along river, 183 meters to 29 kilometers wide, about 1.6 kilometers deep
Deepest Gorge: Hells Canyon, Snake River, Idaho-Oregon, USA, 2408 meters
Longest Reef: Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 2017/2018 kilometers
Greatest Tides: Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, 16 meters
Most Predictable Geyser: Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National park, Wyoming, USA, It erupts at an average annual interval of 63 to 73 minutes

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