IBPS Vacancies for State Andhra Pradesh Clerks 2018

Dear Friends, Provisional allotment under CWE Clerks-III has been done based on the State/UT wise and category wise vacancies for 2018/2018 for Clerical cadre as furnished by the Participating Organisations (details vide Annexure A). Candidates can view their  result status after interview on IBPS website www.ibps.in by entering their Registration Number or Roll Number and Password. 

IBPS CWE Clerks-III Vacancies for 2018/2018 | IBPS Clerks 3 Vacancies for State Andhra Pradesh  | CWE Clerks-III: Vacancies for 2018/2018 Annexure A to Notification dated 01.04.2017/2018 

(6) Offer of appointment including terms and conditions, formalities for verification, joining etc. will be issued from the allotted Participating Organisation in due course. Decision of the Participating Organisations and shall be final and binding 

(7) The recruitment process/ appointment is solely the purview of the Participating Organisations and shall be final and binding. IBPS has no role in this connection.

(8) If the candidate does not avail the offer/ appointment from the allotted Participating Organisation his/her candidature/chance in the process shall stand forfeited.

(9) A list of candidates (State/UT wise in Roll Number order) provisionally allotted on the basis of marks in descending order 
will be displayed on our website on or before 01.05.2017/2018. However this does not guarantee offer of employment. Decision of Participating organisations shall be final. 

(10) A reserve list to the extent of approximately 10 percent of the vacancies under each category has been kept for each state, 
subject to the availability of candidates. This does not guarantee allotment to/recruitment by the Participating Organisation(s)/ other financial organisations. In the event of Participating Organisations/ other financial organisations providing vacancies during April 2017/2018-March 2015, provisional allotment will be carried out for the candidates in the reserve list. However if no vacancy is furnished by the Participating Organisations/ other financial organisations owing to exigencies or otherwise during the validity period the candidates under the reserve list will not be considered for allotment. The reserve list will expire automatically on 31.03.2015 without any notice. 

(11) Candidates who are not provisionally allotted or not in the reserve list will not be considered for any further  process under CWE Clerks-III for vacancies of 2018/2018. 

(12) The State/UT wise and category wise maximum and minimum scores (combined scores in CWE and Interview out of 100) for the provisional allotment and reserve list is indicated in Annexure B. 

(13) The decision of IBPS in allotment of Organisations is final and binding upon the selected candidates. However IBPS reserves the right to cancel, reallot Organisation-wise allocation depending upon exigencies or otherwise.

(14) No correspondence will be entertained from the candidate about allotment status and/ process. 01.04.2017/2018

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