Important General Awareness for Govt Recruitment / Recruitment 2017

Latest Important General Awareness (Important) :Important General Awareness for Govt Jobs / Recruitment 2017-2018-2015

[1] Madhav Gadgil Report is associated with
A: Clean Ganga Mission
B: Western Ghats
C: Eastern Ghats
D: Climate Change
Ans:(B) Western Ghats

[2] World Heart Day is observed on
A: 22 September
B: 25 September
C: 27 September
D: 29 September
Ans:(D) 29 September

[3] Which country is the present chair of G20 countries
A: France
B: Japan
D: Australia
Ans:(D) Australia

[4] “Catalonia” which is planning referendum vote belong to which country?
A: U.K.
B: Germany
C: France
D: Spain
Ans:(D) Spain

[5] As per Health Ministry, which one of following disease is NOT planned to be eradicated by 2015?
A: Measle
B: KalaAzar
C: Filaria
D: Leprosy
Ans:(D) Leprosy

[6] Who is appointed as chairperson of National commission of women (NCW)?
A: Najma Heptulla
B: Sushma Swaraj
C: Lalita kumarmangalam
D: Mamata Sharma
Ans:(C) Lalita kumarmangalam

[7] “Seema Punia” who won Gold medal in Asian games 2017-2018 is player of?
A: Long jump
B: High Jump
C: 100 m race
D: Discuss Throw
Ans:(D) Discuss Throw

[8] Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given in the field of
A: Classical Dance
B: Literature
C: Science
D: Women Rights
Ans:(C) Science

[9] Yogeshwar Dutt won gold medal in 17th Asian games. He is player of ?
A: Air rifle shooting
B: High jump
C: 100 m race
D: wrestling
Ans:(D) wrestling

[10] “Madison Square Garden” which was in news recently. It is located in which city?
A: Paris, France
B: Berlin, Germany
C: Chicago, USA
D: Newyork, USA
Ans:(D) Newyork, USA

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