QUESTION Paper of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION UTU Uttarakhand Technical University

QUESTION Paper of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION UTU Uttarakhand Technical University
 we are providing Previous year question paper of DATA COMMUNICATION NETWORKS (DCN). in thought in the Forth semester in B.C.A course it is offered by UTTARAKHAND TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (UTU).

Last year Question paper of DCN UTU 
UTU Examination (SEM,-IV) –2017/2018
Time Duration: 3 Hrs.                                     Total Marks: 70                                          

Instruction: Attempt any Five Questions. All questions carry equal marks.

(a) Define Computer Network. Explain the use of computer network.
         (b) What is network topology? Explain any two types of network                          topologies giving advantages and disadvantages of each.

(a) Differentiate between connection less and connection oriented communication network.
         (b) Discuss the structure of telephone switching system.

(a) Explain in details the term ‘packet Switching’
         (b) What is ISO-OSI reference model?

(a) Explain the functioning of binary synchronous control with illustration.
            (b) What are IEEE LAN standards? List and and explain any four IEEE LAN standards.

(a) What do you mean by term protocol? Explain FTP in details.
          (b) Compare the personal computer network with OSI model.

(a) Name any two X.25 layers and explain their roles. What are the features of X.25 flow control principles?
          (b) What are the characteristics of personal computer communication? Also explain,           how file transfer on personal computer occurs?

(a) Explain TCP/IP in details, giving an example of TCP/IP operation.
       (b) What are the Route Discovery Protocols? Give and explain any two examples of route discovery protocols.

Write short notes on following:
         (i)  Satellite Network

         (ii)  Circuit Switching

         (iii) Advantages of digital networks

         (iv) Transmission Control Block (TCB)
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