You can collect the last year question paper of B.C.A All semester. Conducted Examination University is UTTARAKHAND TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (UTU).

Here we are provided by the previous year Question paper of B.C.A. Forth Semester subject is visual basic (VB). Here you can download previous year question papers of All Professional courses. Mean B.C.A, B.TECH, B.Sc.(IT), Hotel management (HM), BHM. Etc. Here you can see the results According to your courses. And your university. Here you can the results, syllabus Exam patterns etc. You can download previous year Question paper for the B.C.A. Subject is Visual basic (VB) 2019/2020. University is UTTARAKHAND TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (UTU) and other universities.    
Previous Year paper of VB for B.C.A UTU
Time Duration: 3Hrs.                                                                              Total Marks: 70

Instruction: Attempt any Five Questions? All questions carry equal marks.

Q1 (a) What do mean by object oriented programming? Explain different features                    of visual basic in details.

(b) What is the difference between function and method? Explain IDE for visual

Basic ion details.

Q2 (a) What do you mean by Array? Write a code in visual basic to find sum of

numbers from 1 to 10.

(b) Discuss for-next statement? Write a code to find factorial of numbers from 1

to 15.

Q3 (a) Discuss different data types used in visual Basic in details.

(b) Write a code for Button click event, to find out even or odd display on message               box.

Q4 (a) What do you mean by ActiveX control? Write proper steps for database                             connectivity, where MS-Access works as backend and visual basic works as                 frontend.

(b) Explain multiple Document interface (MDI) with proper steps using visual

Basic. Also give different features of MDI.

Q5 (a) Write proper steps required for preparing Crystal and data reports in Visual


(b) Discuss the event handling in details used in visual basic with proper                               Illustrative example?

Q6 (a) Write a code to prepare each of the following :

Check box
List Box
Combo Box
(b) What do you mean by cursor? Write a code to find prime numbers between

1 to 50, using while.

Q7 (a) Write a code for display different colors using reference data type in visual


(b) Explain different types of properties and application of visual basic.

Q8       Write short notes on following :

Status Bar Control
Tab Strip Control
Data report Controls
Dynamic Array

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