UPSC Military, Naval, Air Force 464 various Job vacancies 2018

UPSC Military, Naval, Air Force 464 various Job vacancies 2017/2018 – The Union is public service Commission (UPSC) 464 posts in various departments such as Indian military Academy, Indian Naval Academy for the meeting 2017/2018 to shortlist candidates, training Academy, Air Force Academy and officers combined defence services exam (CDSE) II. The application procedure for the same end. UPSC Military, Naval, Air Force 464 various Job vacancies 2017/2018 -2015
Candidates must qualify a written examination and an interview for personality and intelligence to be selected.

Here’s the syllabus and the paper pattern:

For admission to the Indian military Academy, Naval Academy and Academy, air force Indian:
Subject: Duration: maximum brand
German: Two hours: 100 marks
General knowledge: Two hours: 100 marks
Math: Two hours: 100 marks
For admission to the officers:
Subject: Duration: maximum brand
German: Two hours: 100 marks
General knowledge: Two hours: 100 marks
German: The question paper is designed to test the candidates understanding of English and expert use of words.
General knowledge: it includes current events and issues of the daily Obeservations and Exeperiences in scientific terms. The paper contains also questions on history of India and geography.
Elementary mathematics
Numbering system – natural numbers, integers, rational and real numbers. Basic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division, square roots, decimal, fractions. Uniform method, time and distance, time and work, percentages, applications to simple and compound interest, profit and loss, ratio and proportion, variation.
Elementary number theory: Division algorithm, Prime and composite numbers. Test of divisibility by 2,3,4,5,9 and 11 multiples and factors factorization theorem, H.C.f and L.C.m, Euclideen algorithm, logarithm to the base 10, laws of the logarithm, logarithm tables use.
Basic operations, simple factors, remainder theorem, H.C.F, L.C.M. theory of Polynomicals, solutions of quadratic equations, ratio to its roots and coefficients (only real zeros into account). Simultaneous linear inequalities, linear equations and inequalities in two variables or quadratic equations in a Variablbe and their solutions. Set language and Nootation, rational expressions and conditional display formula, laws of indices.
Values used, X x and x tangent, simple trigonometric identities, trigonometric tables cosine sine, in simple cases of heights and distances
Lines and angles, aircraft and plane figure, theorems on (i) properties of the angle t a point (II) (iii) pages, parallel lines and angles of a triangle, (iv) congruence of triangles, (V) similar Trianagles (vi) meet by Medes and heights (VII) circles properties of angles, sides and diagonal of a parallelogram, rectangles and square (VIII) and its properties including tangents and normal (IX) loci.
Choir Director
Areas of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangle and circle. Areas of the number in the number (box book), the area and volume of rectangular surface and volume of right circular cones and cylinders, surface area and volume of the balls can be divided.
Collection and tabulation of the Staticticsl date, graphing, frequency polygons, bar charts, histograms and diagrams cakes etc. measures of central tendency.
The examination will be carried out at Agartala. Ahmedabad; Aizwal; Allahabad; Bangalore; Bareily; Bhopal; Chandigarh; Chennai; Cuttack; Dehradun; Delhi; Dharwar; DIS Pur; Gangtok; Hyderabad; Imphal; Itanagar; Jaipur; Jammu; Jorhat; Kochi; Kohima; Kolkata; Lucknow; Madurai; Mumbai; Nagpur; Panaji; Patna; Port Blair; Raipur; Ranchi; Sambalpur; Shillong; Shimla; Srinagar; Thiruvananthapuram; Tirupati; Udaipur; Vishakhapatnam on October 26.

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